Our Story

Talkingsite is a micro SaaS chatbot application developed by a group of indie developers passionate about AI and solving customer problems. We started exploring Llama Index in May 2023 and got the idea to develop an affordable chatbot.

We were aware that many chatbots have been launched, but the problem lies in the amount of data ingestion and enterprise readiness. We were going through Langchain and Pinecone and decided to build a chatbot application that is more affordable and advanced.

It was very challenging to keep up with the updates in the AI stack. Pinecone Starter Plan, Langchain, and Llama Index major updates were a setback for us to keep the learnings up to date.

Our vision is to make the bot more affordable. With Pinecone offering a free Starter Plan that is sufficient for a startup, we are more focused on developing BYO (Bring Your Own Model).

It was all a learning exercise until we saw the announcement of the Pinecone Hackathon in June 2023. We wanted to participate and developed the usable MVP Talkingsite.co.

We are glad to be one of the participants in the Pinecone Hackathon Challenge and looking forward to winning this as it would be a major support for us to enhance Talkingsite and make it enterprise ready.


The Talkingsite Team