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How will you be using takingsite

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    Feed in your LLM API & Vector API

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    Add Website Content (Crawler | URLs | PDF )

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    Embed the Widget on your website

Save Money on Customer Support

Any site owner to developer can use talkingsite and customize based on their needs.

Instant Answers

Get rid of slow live chat support

Lead Generation

You can generate leads and book appointments


We support 95 languages

Why TalkingSite

Talkingsite empowers website owners and enterprises with unparalleled freedom, allowing them to select their preferred AI LLM model, vector database, and gain complete control over retrieval and chunk ranking.


The 'Bring Your Model' feature makes our bot more affordable in the industry. Simply save your LLM API/vector database, and you're good to go live

Advanced Retrieval

We support langchain information retrieval models - Similarity Search and Llama Index with maximum number chunk control for better accuracy.

Llama Index

All our vector embeddings are optimized for Llama index and features to fine tune the responses

Memory & Agents

Currently in Experimental mode to support Langchain memory and agents

Enterprise Ready
Coming Soon

API and Self Hosted solution will be available soon

Roadmap Ahead

Very promising roadmap - Social bots, eCom Search, IVR and Real chat support

Frequantly Asked Question

Do you Support without an API ?

Yes. We have plans called “Easy Go” crafted for the people without custom API.

BYO or Bring your Own model needs your Openai API key and any supported vector API key.

Your API are encrypted and saved within our system. You can monitor the usage in our dashboard and openAI.

No, there is no cost for this feature. We are using the native browser technology.

Pinecone and Qdrant are offering free plan which is quiet sufficient to have millions of vectors.